Affordable Competitive Motorsport


Watch a short AMC video and a longer AMC video

the Victorian Motorkhana Video and some Victorian RWD drivers

2016 Australian Motorkhana Champion Scott Bennett

Motorkhana is a low-cost form of motorsport, unique to Australia and New Zealand but similar to the autotests held in the UK and Ireland. It involves manoeuvring a car through tight tests as quickly as possible - one car at a time - on either dirt or bitumen surfaces. This usually requires sliding and spinning the car accurately while maintaining speed through the test course. Some reversing is often included.

Many competitors use normal road cars like Phil Torode's Peugeot 205 (upper right). Some use specially built vehicles like Corinne East-Johnston's Honda powered special (upper left).

New South Wales: Motorkhana Website and Facebook group

Queensland: Motorkhana Website and Facebook group

South Australia: Motorkhana Website is defunct but the Facebook group is OK.

Victoria: Motorkhana Website Yahoo Group and Facebook group You can also receive a free monthly email newsletter, Victorian Motorkhana News and event updates by joining the Victorian motorkhana mailing list

Western Australia: Motorkhana Website and Facebook group